A64: Just Dual It

The A64 suffers daily congestion. It’s dangerous and it holds back our potential.

It’s time to Just Dual It. That’s why I’ve made a clear, cast-iron pledge.

If elected as York & North Yorkshire’s very first Mayor in May, I’ll commit a multi-million pound investment towards finally dualling the A64.

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With the estimated total cost running to £300m, we can’t fund this major project entirely from new mayoral funding.

But my contribution will be key to strengthening the business case and finally sealing the deal with Government.

It would give us a serious local stake in the project - and hopefully represent an offer the Government can not refuse.

With my commitment as our Mayor, and with MPs and councillors united with me, we are in a strong position to make this happen.

But time is running out. I recently met with roads minster Guy Opperman MP, who said a decision on the A64 could be just weeks away.

I’m prepared to do everything in my power as Mayor to deliver this critical investment at long last.

But I need to demonstrate local support for my campaign. I need you, your family and friends behind me.

Add your voice today. Pledge your support for dualling the A64.

And together let’s tell the Government it’s time to Just Dual It!

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