Shape my manifesto

Let’s face it, there’s nowhere quite like Yorkshire. After all, it’s not called God’s Own Country for nothing.

But as much as it pains us, even we have to admit, Yorkshire’s not totally perfect.

This May is chance to tackle our challenges (as few as they might be) by doing politics differently.

More decisions affecting Yorkshire, taken right here in Yorkshire. More investment. And for the very first time, a mayor you can choose.

With so much at stake, I want to give you - my fellow Yorkshiremen and women - chance to be part of this landmark process.

What issues need addressing in your community? What matters to you, your family, your business?

And what policies do you want me to deliver as our very first elected Mayor?

Help shape my manifesto - our manifesto. Our plan for York & North Yorkshire, written by you, the people of York & North Yorkshire.

Shape my manifesto

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